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RedSun Online fitness platforms – this is how it works

At most online fitness studios, the process is super simple: All you have to do is register, answer a few questions about your body, fitness goals and fitness level and workouts will be provided to you. Some of these providers are only available as apps, others can also be opened via the browser on the laptop.
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Whether you need equipment depends on the selected program. However, experience has shown that you only need:

an exercise mat
a pair of dumbbells (1 to 2 kilograms)
a water bottle

With a fitness band or mini bands, bodyweight exercises can also be intensified without the equipment taking up a lot of space at home. You can also use the objects in your apartment to perk up your training in the truest sense of the word: dips on the chair, raised push-ups with your feet on the edge of the bed, curls with a full water bottle – there are no limits to your imagination. Here you can find great exercises for your sofa workout, for example. The partner or the children can also be used as training buddy.
Online fitness studios compared: RedSun took the test

The online fitness market has been booming since Corona. But which providers have what to offer? I turned my home office into a home gym for a few weeks and tested my way through the range of online fitness studios. You can find out what the result is here.

  1. Gymondo

This is how much it costs: From 7.45 euros per month (with annual subscription), the first 7 days are free

So it is: The giant among the online studios has a hard time with me at first – I like more personal, smaller studios. But after the first reluctance, I actually start raving about it. Not least because I have to create a fitness profile here before starting, in which the basic data such as height, weight, etc. are queried. On top of that, I can enter my training goal and have a training program put together based on it.

Plus: Each video display clearly shows how many calories I consume and which parts of the body are particularly stressed. From 11 to 70 minutes there is everything that gets the heart going, from power yoga to dance workout – even martial arts is included. The only drawback: In my opinion, the diet is a little neglected.

  1. Freeletics

This is how much it costs: from 4.14 euros per month (with annual subscription)

So it is: This app promises me THE most effective bodyweight training. But not only that, the training also adapts individually to my schedule, my fitness level and my goals. The app offers me workouts with a duration of 5 to 30 minutes. Running out of time is really no longer an excuse here. 5 minutes always work.

Probably the biggest plus point with Freeletics is the community: More than 46 million (!) Members use the app and make themselves strong with it. An absolute motivational push! The workouts are designed for indoors and outdoors and are based on classics such as crunches and burpees.

Try Freeletics with a 14-day money-back guarantee

  1. Karoline Miles

This is how much it costs: From 3.21 euros per month (with annual subscription)

So it is: The app promises “Yoga and Fitness” – sounds good at first. According to the manufacturer, millions of people around the world are already training with the app, which convinces me. As a long-time yoga fan, I decide to do a 30-minute yoga workout in my hotel room on a business trip. And in fact, despite my good fitness, I really work up a sweat. Not bad!

At the end there is even a cool down with a relaxation phase. The app is relatively expensive, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it for everyone who wants to have well-instructed and well-demonstrated workouts.


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    1. Gym

    This is how much it costs: From 7.40 euros per month (with annual subscription), the first week is free

    So it is: This online studio is specially made for women. The site is kept simple, the trainers are all female and professionals – the look is convincing. The presentation is clear: The training videos are divided into 3 levels of difficulty, using the icons in the course selection I can find everything my sporty and ambitious heart desires.

    My profile shows me progress, and even if my girlfriend comes to visit, there is no reason to shut down the laptop: she simply joins the best friends partner workout! The recipes and tips on nutrition are awarded with asterisks. Top!

    Try the fitness room for 7 days for free

    1. Gold yoga

    This is how much it costs: currently 51.20 dollars per month (with annual subscription), 2 weeks free trial

    So it is: Gold Yoga is like an online yoga studio where the best